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The Man with the Golden Banana

malookoo dance fitness show.

Spies, disguises, gadgets and sarnies!  When the Sassy Assassins steal a Ruby from under the ‘watchful’… ahem… eye of the Security Guard, so begins a mad-cap mission by MI5 to London Fashion Week – to strut their stuff and stop the bad guys. This is a spy show… SAVVY style! With a special opening act… Read More

Why we love to dance

So as Valentines day is approaching, we thought we would share with you why we love to dance.  Dancing is such a good tool to use as exercise, having fun, making friends, learning to enjoy the moment and so much more.  Take a look at what we have to say…

Remembrance Day 2016

When a world was fought for us to have as much freedom and control as could be, let’s not forget the men and women that suffered on our behalf to give us the lives we we have now. Malookoo dance fitness joins together in Remembrance to those who fell by celebrating through dance and showing… Read More

Malookoo celebrates with Diwali

Malookoo dance fitness Diwali celebrations

So with Malookoo now 6 months old, it seemed only right to celebrate alongside Diwali.  What a great festival to celebrate with other than that of the popular ‘festival of lights’.  It suggests that even though we are coming into winter and everything is getting darker and colder, we should be celebrating life.  It symbolises… Read More

Cops Training

Malookoo training sutton police

Malookoo recently completed a number of training sessions for Sutton Police. Look Below at our feedback from this and a article we received in the paper.   “Police in Sutton wanted a special training course that would help officers improve their service to people with disabilities. We invited a number of organisations – Sutton Mencap,… Read More