Malookoo celebrates with Diwali

Olivia - 31st October 2016

So with Malookoo now 6 months old, it seemed only right to celebrate alongside Diwali.  What a great festival to celebrate with other than that of the popular ‘festival of lights’.  It suggests that even though we are coming into winter and everything is getting darker and colder, we should be celebrating life.  It symbolises the beginning of a new successful year, especially financially (fingers crossed for you all), have hope over despair (in Malookoo dance fitness terms we will get fitter, stronger and healthier) and  knowledge over ignorance (learning/trying something new every day makes you a more powerful person).


We decided to mark this at Malookoo as you can see in this short film.  We took the above meanings of Diwali and embraced it by, wearing bright colours, working as a team, learning some new moves and having lots of fun.


So we wish a happy Diwali, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.  We hope you have/find happiness and joy and don’t let anyone stand in your light… you were born to light up the world.


Happy Diwali from Malookoo Dance fitness x

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